• November 10th, 2010

    Added ability to automatically trigger “dontShowAgain” on timer method

    In a situation where you are having Meerkat automatically close itself using the timer method, you now have the ability to trigger the dontShowAgain method by simply adding the dontShowAgainAuto" method to your Meerkat call.

    This comes in handy, especially in a situation where you’re utilizing Meerkat as a Splash Page alternative. If you set up your ‘splash page’ to automatically fade in after 5 seconds (using the timer method), you wouldn’t want the user to see this splash page again immediately (I would hope not) so you’d want to use the dontShowAgainAuto method so that the splash page wouldn’t appear again to that user until the cookie expires (based on your cookieExpires settings).

    	background: '#000',
    	height: '100%',
    	width: '100%',
    	animationIn: 'none',
    	animationOut: 'fade',
    	animationSpeed: 500,
    	timer: 5,
    	dontShowAgainAuto: true,
    	cookieExpires: 2

    The above code would create a black overlay (Splash page, if you will) when the user visited the page. It would automatically fade out after 5 seconds (timer: 5), and will not appear again (dontShowAgainAuto: true) for 2 days (cookieExpires: 2).

  • April 22nd, 2010

    Callback functionality now available (onMeerkatShow)!

    For more customization options, I’ve added a callback option to Meerkat.

    For example, if you wanted to fade your content in with Meerkat, you could do the following:

    	height: '120px',
    	width: '100%',
    	position: 'bottom',
    	close: '.close-meerkat',
    	dontShowAgain: '.dont-show',
    	animationIn: 'slide',
    	animationSpeed: 500,
    	removeCookie: '.reset',
    	onMeerkatShow: function() { $(this).animate({opacity: 'show'}, 1000); }
  • April 2nd, 2010

    I’ve added a destroyMeerkat() method to the new release

    Using the destroyMeerkat() method will remove all of meerkat’s wrappers and containers, leaving (but hiding) its contents.


  • March 21st, 2010

    Meerkat 1.3 released!

    It’s been long over due, but I have finally found some time to update, upgrade, and release a new version of Meerkat. This is by far the best release yet. I’ve added tons of new functionality and features, as well as fixed some bugs from the previous releases.

    Due to this release being a complete makeover, I am no longer supporting the earlier release. Please update to the new version, but beware of the option name changes while doing so.

    As always, if you find a bug or have any issues with it, be sure to let me know.