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	dontShowAgain: '.dont-show',
	animationIn: 'slide',
	animationSpeed: 500
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Meerkat & Jquery Are Lovers

Meerkat, named for its pop up like behavior, is a jQuery plugin created by myself, Jarod Taylor. It was originally created to serve a specific purpose, however, by adding additional functionality to it, I've found several uses for it.

Whether it's used as a simple promotional tool, a roost for advertisements, or even as an alternative to a splash or entry page; Meerkat is unobtrusive, cross-browser compatible, and degrades gracefully if Javascript has been disabled.

When I was originally approached to create the effect that Meerkat achieves, I was referred to an older jQuery plugin known as jQuery Catfish. While the plugin works great in modern browsers, it fails to work in Internet Explorer 6. This particular client was a large broadcasting company and a large portion of their visitors were still using the old browser (IE6). So, my mission was to create a Catfish like plugin that would not only work in all the major browsers, including IE6, but it also had to have the ability to read and write browser cookies in order to implement the ability to close the "pop up" like plugin for extended periods of time.

This is just some content of me rambling. I could just use lorem ipsum, but then the adsense ads I have in the meerkat elements would consist of public service ads, what's the use in that? So instead I must ramble about things that would interest us web designers and web developers, like AJAX, or CSS, or Javascript. How many of you use Wordpress? I think wordpress is fantastic, not only as a blogging engine but as a full blown content management system. Template and theme design has become very popular since Wordpress has taken off.

Do any of you read my blog noobcube.com? It's a site, or playground, where I share resources, and tutorials on both web design and web development. The tutorials cover topics such as the basics of HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP, Wordpress, and more. I've been really busy lately, so there hasn't been any thing new in a while, but I promise I'll kick it back off as soon as I have time. Currently, you can follow a tutorial I did on a web design template tutorial, I did using Photoshop. The next installment of the tutorial will consist of slicing that PSD into HTML & CSS. Speaking of this, have you seen how many PSD to HTML services are available these days!? It's crazy, but it's a great business. Solid CSS and HTML make up the front end of a website. These are the things that make our websites accessible, and standards compliant.

To be honest, this rambling is a lot harder than I thought. I wonder how many of you are actually reading this garbage. I still have another paragraph or so to ramble. I probably should key word drop here to possibly trigger adsense to actually display useful ads, but wouldn't that hurt the sites SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Do you actually know the difference between SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)? It's a bullshit business if you ask me, but who am I to judge. I'm just a web designer and developer.

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Javascript Is Your Friend

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Web Development Pwns

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